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Consultation of hotel management

As for consultation of hotel management, we have many years of experiences. Thus, we can provide a wide range of consultation, including planning, startup & operations ofahotel,restructuring of hotel operations, acquisition of a hotel, and offering tenants in case that you decide to use land effectively through construction of a building for rent.

● Development, startup and operations on your own

● Renting a building to entrust operations

● Renting land for lease holding as effective use of land

For any of these systems of hot bath facilities, we will provide all-inclusive consultation to support you to get in operation.

Main Results for hotels



Shanghai Tai Ping Yan

Caeser Park Hotel Panama

Caeser Park Hoterl Ken Ting

Westin Hotel Osaka

Yufuin Club(Oita Pref)

Details of services we provide:

Effective use of
Hotel business; a promisingoptionforeffective
use of land
Effective useof land is notlimited tohotelbusiness butinclude manyotheroptions,such asrentalapartmentsorcommercialestablishment.
In case aland ownerwants tostart hotelbusiness butentrust itsoperationtosomeone elseinstead ofrunning it forhimself, wecanmakearrangementswith one ofourcustomers(hotel chain).
Kickoff Site election & market research Weinvestigatewhether it isfeasible toestablishhotelbusiness atthe site,includingmarketresearches.
Making an initial plan Make abasic plan forfacilitiesbased on theinvestigation.
Business & financing plans Make businessplans detailing inprofitability and financing according to thebasic plan.
Preparations Facility plans Provideconsultation to make facility plans according to the initial plan.
Fare structure & manpower plan Make afare structure and a  manpowerplan according to the facilityplan
Design support Providede sign support regarding the entirestructure of the buildingviewedfrom the operationside while discussing it with thedesigners.
Operation plan & manual Provide guidance about making operationplans &manpowerplans as wellas preparing operation manuals.
Way to startup Legal procedure Provideguidance about legalprocedures inaccordance with Hotel BusinessAct, Restaurant Business Actand others.
Recruitment of employees Provide guidance about recruitment of employees.
Key staff Provide guidance about recruitmen to key staffas well as introducecompetent staff.
Fixtures & fittings Prepare alist of fixtures& fittings. If you want, we can provide them inanintegratedway as well as inexpensively.
Systems Provide consultation not only about accountingsystem and telephonesystembut also about other systems necessary for daily operations.
After startup Operations Provide guidance about operations after start up whenever you want.
You can entrust operationsto us. Carryout operations for you wheneveryou want.
Key staff can be dispatched Candispatch keystaff for operations.


Hotel name  & Place
1978 Hotel Sun Root Tokyo Hotel Training
1979 Hong Kong Research for acquisition plan
1980 Fukuyama Grand Hotel inFukuyama-city,Hiroshima-pref. Banquet facility concept making
1984 Shanghai Tai Ping Yan hotel Hotel Project management
1985 Caesar Park Hotel Ken Ting Hotel Project management & marketing
1985 Marriot Panama Owner management
1986-87 Kowa Park hotel (Yufuin,Oita-pref) Opening & management Deputy G.M.)
1987 Portugal & Spain Aoki corp. Europe hotel project
1988-89 Westin hotel Osaka Preopening office Feasibility study & project management(Deputy General Manager foroperations)
1989-93 Aoki corp. Hotel Div. Swissotel acquisition plan
1994-1996 Westin Hotel Awaji Project team member
1989 Sunset Beach Hotel(Setoda,Hiroshima-pref.) Feasibility study & concept making
1990-93 Westin Hotel Osaka Planning manager
1994 Tomonoura Kanko hotel Spa facility consultation
1995-98 Respal Fujiganaru(Okayama) Full turn key project management
1996 Kuma-village(kumamoto pref) Consultation for amusement facility
1998 Sanda new hoterl project. Restaurant consulting
2008 Ureshino Ryokan PhrchasingPlan Due deligence & tender
2010 Aomori business hotelPhrchasing Plan Due deligence

Hotel Consulting brouchure